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From Martin Koci <>
Subject Re: VOTE : PersistenceManager & Mapper interface API
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 15:04:52 GMT
path). It returns org.apache.portals.graffito.model.core.CmsObject. I 
think it means: I want an object stored in repository. I know that 
object is repository managed. I know path but not type. Maybe this 
situation is equivalent to: /someDirectory/someFileWithoutExtension. I 
can use 'file' on unix and it tells me kind of content. In Java I can 
use if (returnedObject instanceof Document).

Christophe Lombart wrote:

>why not but it should be optional. I would like to use this mapping
>framework with JCR repo which are running for a long time without this
>kind of "system" properties (but maybe it is a dream :-) ).
>Why it is difficult for you to have the object class ? I expect that
>you cast the object returned by the getObject method - no ?
>Document myDoc = (MyDoc) pm.getObject(Document.class, path);
>it is almost the same as 
>Document myDoc = (MyDoc) pm.getObject( path);
>Let me think about that before taking a decision and all ideas are welcome

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