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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: VOTE : PersistenceManager & Mapper interface API
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 08:49:23 GMT
Hi Oliver,

2005/9/10, Oliver Kiessler <>:
> Here is some feedback for the PersistenceManager API. First of all,
> the Persistence Manager looks fine to me except that I am not sure if
> it should contain the methods setupRepository(), getRepository(),
> getSession(), getUser(), setJcrCustomNodeTypeCreator() and
> getJcrCustomNodeTypeCreator() because they allow direct access to the
> underlying JCR API and the JCR repository itself. I believe the
> PersistenceManager should avoid allowing methods that circumvent the
> use of the graffito object persistence mechanism. These methods would
> be better off somewhere else.

+1  (100% agree). Either thoses methods becomes private or move somewhere else.

> +1 for the Mapper API
> Currently I am having problems running the unit tests (on linux).
> There is something wrong with the use of the graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd
> in jcrmapping.xml ("..\dtd\graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd" doesn't work on
> linux, "../dtd/graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd" is fine) 

ok done 

>and the
> repository.xml. I exchanged the repository.xml config file to a more
> current one and that worked. Maybe the repository.xml is out of date?
> Also there is a directory "src/test-config/repository-test" that is
> unnecessary. A new JCR repository is created on every test run.
> There are still problems with the lucene file locking mechanism. I
> think we should update to the latest Jackrabbit Snapshot (this
> involves a repository.xml config change).

1. Yes, I think we need to update to a more recent Jackrabbit snaphot
with a new repository config file.
2. The src/test-config/repository-test is necessary until the JCR Node
Type Registration Tools are not yet build (or migrate the Sandro code
to use the new mapper model). It help me to add custom JCR types
quickly for my unit tests.


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