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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: JCR-Mapping VOTE : All commiters has to vote - Thanks
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2005 14:54:57 GMT
> Please make your vote :
> 1. Proposal 1 : mainly Digester & BeanUtil
> 2. Proposal 2  : XmlSchema & tools like XmlBean
> 3. Create a branch and make 2 prototypes to compare them. there are
> too many understanding between us. So, it should be nice to write a
> user requirement to clarrify everything. At least the mapping file
> structure and the high level API.

+1 for 3

Although I am afraid we will end up with the same discussion we
started with... ;)

I think I am more pro XML Beans although XML Schema is probably not
the simplest and quickest solution but it is very declarative. We have
to think about what our users will need. The way I understand it we
want to create a Java Class to JCR Nodetype mapping framework not only
for graffito objects but for any kind of Java Bean. So it is
convenient for our users only having to deal with java classes
(generated by XML Beans from the XML Schema) to create their
individual mapping without having to understand much of the underlying
XML. With XML Beans you can read existing mappings and *write* your
mapping XML. I am not so sure Digester can do that.

Let's just keep the XML Schema  as clean and simple as possible.


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