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From Sandro Böhme <>
Subject Re: (JCR) Vote : XML mapping file structure
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:20:31 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:

>I updated the JCR mapping proposal document (see in jira : GRFT-37).
>Please, fee free to add comments, corrections, ...
>Before starting our dev, can you vote for the xml mapping file
>structure ? You can find it in the document proposal. Later, we can
>continue our votes for the component design, API, ...
>It almost the same as the Sandro proposal with some minor changes: 
>- Change element names (following previous mail, Sandro seems to be
>agree with that)
>- Drop java methods references( gettet/setter)
>- Add BeanDescriptor and CollectionDescriptor in order to have
>different mapping strategy depending on the attribute nature.
>This one can be changed later in order to support new features. 
>Vote :
>1. Use the current mapping file structure and if needed, we can modify
>it later.
>2. No agree to use this structure.
>Christophe : +1 for solution 1
+1 for 1. But changes in mapping structure will involve changes in all 
other components.

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