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From Sandro Böhme <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (GRFT-37) Final JCR Mapping Document PROPOSAL
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 16:19:51 GMT
Oliver Kiessler wrote:

>> >Here is a simplification of the Sandro proposal....
>>I'm more for a mapping file similar to this:
>>        <mapping>
>>            <classAttributes
>>            <nodeTypeAttributes nodeTypeName="graffito:CmsObject">
>>                <supertype>nt:base</supertype>
>>            </nodeTypeAttributes>
>>            <subitemMapping propertyName="objectId" parameterType="long"
>>jcrPropertyDefinition name="graffito:parentId" />
>>       </mapping>
>Just to clarify things: We have two types of mapping files, one for
>the node type registration (bean to jcr custom node type mapping) and
>one for the actual persistence mapping of beans to jcr nodes. correct?

>Because I think Sandro is refering to the node type registration
>mapping file and Christophe is refering to the beans to jcr nodes
>mapping file.
>One comment to the jcr-mapping proposal textfile:
>2.2 The mapping file
>I would like to suggest to make field descriptors simpler:
><field-descriptor fieldName="a1" jcrName="a1" />  
><field-descriptor fieldName="a1" />
>If "jcrName" is not specified the same name as the "fieldName" is
>used. I would suggest to make "jcrName" optional.
In my opinion it should be possible to get all information for the node 
type registration and later
for the class creation out of one mapping file.

>@Christophe: Please let me know where I can join in and help coding.


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