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From Sandro Böhme <>
Subject Re: [jcr-mapping] persistence of the mapping model
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 22:49:23 GMT

> The argument which is maybe most important for me:
> In my opinion it is more than a config file. I think it is some kind 
> of model (like the one in MVC)
> for the mapping between Java entities and JCR entities. Therefore I 
> would like to have an
> in memory Java bean representation of that model. This mapping model 
> can than be the basis for
> every conversion between the Java entities and the JCR entities e.g. 
> it can be used for:
> o writing Java objects as nodes to the repository
> o loading nodes from the repository into Java objects
> o generating node types out of Java classes
> o generating Java classes out of node types
> o ...
> A simple change in the XML schema file would change the model (the 
> generated Java beans)
> after regeneration and this changed model would be immediately 
> available for all components
> using this model.
I basically think, writing the classes from the scratch would lead me to 
the same structure of
the generated classes anyway.



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