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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: Graffito build for Jetspeed-2 M4-SNAPSHOT
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:22:55 GMT
2005/8/25, Randy Watler <>:
> Raj,
> I am in the middle of this at the moment... it is not possible out of
> the box AFAICT. Various things have changed in J2, so it is not just a
> configuration change.
Correct ! 

> I am integrating Graffito into J2, so this will be much easier in the
> future :-)...
> Perhaps some graffito dev team member is maintaining a port...
Of course, we plan to do it. What about J2 status ? is it the good
time to do it now or it is better to wait upcoming commits & new
features ?

Graffito has some goals to deploy its own components, assembly scripts
& components into J2.  I think it should be possible to modify them
but I'm not yet check the lasted J2 modifications. If you don't want
to affect the J2 stabitlity, we can create a new Graffito subproject
to build the new page manager implementation.

Another questions : what kind of the content repository do you want  ?
DB ? JCR  ?
Currently, we have an OJB based DB and we are working on an JCR
content store implementation (based on Jackrabbit). DB is stable but
required some schema modification in order to support PSML objects.
The JCR implementation will be more flexible and will supoprt any kind
of CMS objects but it is still under dev.



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