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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject JCR Mapping - Propotype 1
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 19:55:55 GMT
Hi All, 

I commit new features in the JCR Mapping prototype  (with some
limitations see the todos below) :
* Get/insert/update any kind of POJO.
* Manage simple/primitive bean attributes.
* Manage object graph persistence (1..1 association and 1..n
association) - with some limitation - see the todos here. I made this
code quickly, we have to review it in order to support different
mapping strategies for collection/map based field.

What are the most important files to read ? 
* The mapping file used for the unit tests : src\test\jcrmapping.xml
* The mapping object model : see the pck :
* The unit test :
* The session object & the generic converter : see the pck
org.apache.portals.graffito.jcr.session.impl and the class

Here is the "todos" : 
* Define the DTD and write the mapping file doc. The prototype should
help to build the final DTD.
* Simple fields : support all kind of object (String, Long, Double,
Date, ... and primitive data types).
* Better management for collection/Map fields : 
	- Support any kind of Collection & Map 
        - Support different mapping strategies - I can explain in more details.
        - Collection update : 
		* Update existing elements
                * Remove nodes matching to dropped collection items
		* Add new nodes matching to new collection items.
* proxy / Lazy loading 
* auto-update for bean field and collection fields.
* cache management.
* Fine grained access control (has to check how Jackrabbit manages
access control).
* Add referenceDescriptor (in order to link to parent path, ...) 

* Tools : 
        * The node type registration  - generate node type from the
mapping file (could be an external tools).
	* generate pojo java files from the mapping file (could be an external tools).

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