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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: JCR Mapping
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:24:51 GMT
2005/8/4, Oliver Kiessler <>:

> I have read it and I basically don't disagree (I said we either need a
> dtd, xml schema or documentation). ;) But Sandro has a different
> standpoint (he wants XML Schema).

Why a XML schema is just better than DTD (for managing a config file) ?
The config file is so simple and no update are required. 
Last question : which tools (xml schema based) can be used without
generating some classes ?

> I have worked with digester and beanutils before, so I know how it can
> be done. But I am would like to see the code anyways if possible.
I just commited the code - See on : 
* The package : org.apache.portals.graffito.jcr.mapper &
org.apache.portals.graffito.jcr.mapper.model : This one is there to
read the xml file
* See the class GenericConverter to get an idea on how I'm using the
mapper class.
* Not all stuffs are implemented and the work made by Sandro has to be
merged. Still consider it as a prototype.
* See the repo mapping file : jcrmapping.xml. The DTD is not defined.

> I am just saying we are discussing for days now over the XML schema
> issue without any progress so far.
> The votes for using XML Schema so far.
> +1 sandro
> -1 christophe
> 0 oliver
> Does there have to be a majority or an unanimous decision (all votes +1)?

We should all be agree on the tools and the foundation. 
Raphaƫl and David, can you also vote ? Thanks

Unfortunatly, I'm going to be on vacation for 2 weeks (Hope to have a
internet connection to follow this thread :-) ).


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