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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: JCR Mapping
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 14:51:55 GMT
2005/8/4, Oliver Kiessler <>:
> I think we should rather get going now on the mapping and custom node
> registration part. Have we decided yet what to do about the XML schema
> issue? We should make a decision soon... (since voting has not yet
> brought a solution)
> Oliver

I sent my position in a mail 2 days ago - here is the most important
part from this mail :

Let me resume why I'm agains tools like XmlBeans, JAXB, ... and
XML schema :
* Thoses tools are generating java classes and sometime it is
difficult to change the class object structure. We will have a few
number of java classes to read the config file. So write by hand
thoses classes is not a big deal. Futhermore, using a pre-processing
in order to just read a simple config file is a little bit heavy - no
:-) ?
* The mapping file should be very simple - I hope it will be otherwise
the framework will not be used :-). So, a simple DTD is sufficiant.
Xml schema becomes interesting for more complex grammar. See
Jackrabbit, Hibernante, OJB, ... all these frameworks are using very
simple DTD (no XML schema).
* We need to read the mapping file and cache it in memory (in an
object graph). So, Digester is (for me) one of the best tools to do
it. Others framework become interesting when your update the xml file
* See

Any comments ? 

I have a small example to commit. This one can help to see how
digester and beanutil can work together. Let me know if you want to
see the code.

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