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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (GRFT-34) An initial code base for the mapping project.
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:38:21 GMT
hi sandro,

> Probably the best way to explore how things are working exactly is to debug through the
> NodeTypeRegistration and the PersistanceManagerTest.

> Current mapping semantics:
> JCR nodetype <==> Java class
> JCR child node <==> Java method

Doesn't that create too many nodes? I know some people want to use
jackrabbit for very large projects with thousands of nodes. This would
create a lot of additional nodes, doesn't it?

> JCR value <==> The class of the returning object of a Java method. The registered
> types should care about the conversion of classes and values.

> Things to discuss:
> Hi Oliver, the dynamic repository creation and the update of the Jackrabbit
> version was really helpful for implementing the basic version. This was not yet
> the thing to discuss ;-).

ok... I am not so sure what you mean?

> Please feel free to tell me how I can adopt my registration component to fit to
> your ideas of the CustomNodeTypeCreator.

The CustomNodeTypeCreator was meant to be an "entrypoint" into your
custom node type creation mechanism. Inside it you could call your
NodeTypeRegistration. I figured it would not be a good idea to
hardwire this code in the JcrSessionImpl since I would not be easily
replaceable/pluggable when one needs to customize custom node type

> The JCRSession seems to aim the same goal of the persistence manager. The reason
> why I called it "Persistence Manager" was simply to make it clear that the
> functionality of the class is, to persist objects (insert to repository,
> get from repository, search in repository,...). But I'm open to rename it.
> In the attached initial codebase you can specify the namespaces of the
> application domain model in the mapping model's xml file. Different node types
> can have different namespaces there. This is why I register the namespaces within
> the node type registration component. Your JCRSession also contains namespace
> registration, this is why I want to ask you, if my handling is ok from your point
> of view.

In my opinion the JcrSession represents an open session to the Jcr
Repository and handles repository specific things. A persistence
manager should have a mapping of the domain model (java classes to jcr
node mappings) and persist it to the repo using the JcrSession.

> Projectname:
> As Christophe already mentioned, it would be nice to have a cool project name.
> Personally I don't have an idea, maybe an animal that has something to do
> with any kind of "mapping" ;-) ?

"graffito-jcr" or "graffito jcr-mapping" is fine to me. I am pretty
neutral about this one.

> Finally, what do you think about all that?

I am having a little bit of a hard time to get the code to run since
it is not integrated into the maven build process. It would be easier
to have the unit tests run by maven.

I have seen that there is a lot of generated source code. I think it
would be better to compile and zip the generated code into a jar file.

I am not an expert on JAXB. Is there a particular reason for choosing
this (for example over xmlbeans)? Do we have a license problem with
jaxb (I googled and found that it has a Java Research License and Java
Distribution License).... just wondering...?!


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