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From Sandro Böhme <>
Subject Re: [jcr-mapping] mapping strategy: mapping in both directions
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 22:23:21 GMT
Oliver Kiessler wrote:

>>after reviewing the thread I think we have a general consensus about the
>>following mapping strategy
>>(please correct me if I'm wrong):
>>Java class ==> JCR nodetype
>>Bean property ==> JCR child node definition
>>Please vote or discuss this open aspect:
>>++ Do we need a mapping in both directions? ++
>>Not considering the concrete layout of the xml file we have a
>>+1 from me and a
>>+1 from Christophe
>0 (I am neutral about this one, please go ahead if you think this matters)
In my opinion the difference is in the structure of the mapping xml file.
If I would want to map classes to node types, I would let the classes
lead the structure like you said in the other thread:
<class name="" jcrNodeType="graffito:Test">
   <property name="myStringProperty" />
   <property name="myComplexObject"
jcrChildNodeType="graffito:myComplexObject" ... />

<class name="" 
   <property name="myIntValue" jcrPropertyType="jcr:long" ... />



If we map in both directions, I think we would need something like 
Christophe said:

<subitemMapping propertyName="description"  parameterType="long"

jcrPropertyDefinition name="graffito:parentId" />

At the moment I register node types out of a Java classes with the
node type registration component.
If we map in both directions, maybe it makes sense later, to also
generate Java classes out of node types.
E.g. a jcrmapping.nt.File classes which inherits from the
jcrmapping.nt.HierarchyNode class which in turn inherits from
the jcrmapping.nt.Base class and of course with all custom 
node types generated in the same manner.


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