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From Sandro Böhme <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (GRFT-34) An initial code base for the mapping project.
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:13:12 GMT
Hello Christophe,

>>>* We have to defined some associations tags or another solution to
>>>solve the following issue : Eg. In the mapping for CmsObject, there is
>>>a subitemMapping entry for the ParentFolder. ParentFolder is not a
>>>subitem of CmsObject. In real application, Folder contains a
>>>collection of CmsObjects. So, an association tag (with a ID/path) can
>>>be interesting for such case. If a javabean propoperty is an object,
>>>it can be a subitem or a reference to another object somewhere in the
>>>repository (parent node, ...)
>>Do you mean a link from a "mapping managed node" to an arbitrary node in
>>the repository
>>not managed by the mapping framework? What would be the Java
>>representation of such a
>No this is not that ! I mean the mapping file is not correct,
>ParentFolder is not a subitem of a CmsObject. ParentFolder property is
>defined in the CmsObject just to have a reference to its associated
>Folder. In fact, it is the inverse situation : a collection of
>CmsObject should be defined as Folder subitems. That's why an
>association tag can be defined for this kind of  situation.
>Another question : How is the mapping file for the following situation : 
>A Folder can contains some pages which can contains some articles.
Thank you for the explaination. If I understand you the right way, the 
same object is referenced
by different fields/attributes of classes and we need to find a way to 
let the persistance manager
create only one node instead to create a new node for every attributes 
of a class. I also think an
association tag would solve this problem. Maybe we can use the JCR 
reference property for such
situations. This would mean to adopt the mapping schema to also allow to 
use of the reference
property. If you like the idea, I will create the according testcase 
later and think about how this can
work in detail.



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