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From "Roy Russo" <>
Subject RE: Custom node types
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:39:32 GMT
Thank you Oliver. I saw the JIRA tasks.

As I suspected, the file is autogenerated after setting the node types
programatically. I'll post to the jackrabbit list, as I am stuck when it
comes to adding new ones in my code. Thanks!

Roy Russo
Jboss Portal Developer


:-----Original Message-----
:From: Oliver Kiessler [] 
:Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:08 PM
:Subject: Re: Custom node types
:The file "custom_nodetypes.xml" is what jackrabbit creates. 
:You should not edit it by hand. We have a couple of jira 
:issues open (GRFT-21,
:GRFT-23) concerning the creation of nodetypes. I think by next 
:week I will be able to commit some code.
:2005/6/11, Roy Russo <>:
:> I've been looking at graffito for a few weeks, and now I'm at a loss 
:> as to where the custom nodetypes are set. I see the file 
:> 'custom_nodetypes.xml", but don't see it reference anywhere 
:in the code.
:> I also don't see where the custom node types (folder, document) are 
:> being set programatically. Can anyone shed some light on where they 
:> are being set?
:> Roy Russo
:> Jboss Portal Developer

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