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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: JCR mapping // proof of concept
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 20:06:55 GMT
Sandro Böhme wrote:

>> generic converter class ? It is not better to rename it to 
>> xxxxConverter ?
> I don't need to use _this_ name. But because in this case more of the 
> bean-->node type conversion is done at compile time with the 
> BeanConverter, this has maybe more todo with persistance (insert(), 
> delete(), update(),...). I'm not sure if xxxConverter is appropriate.

ok for PersistenceManager, forget my idea :-)

>>    If I understand, the target node type match to the class name and 
>> each class attributes have to match to a node property. I would like to 
> Exactly.
>> suggest to used a mapping config file (like OJB or Hibernate) which 
>> will can gives more flexibility for the mapping  (like using proxies, 
>> ...). What do you think about that ?
> You are absolutely right, not every property of an JCR item is 
> mappable to a Java bean class or property. Therefore we need to 
> specify the additional JCR properties.
> Because Java beans and properties are mapped to node types you change 
> beans in the same context where you change node types. This is why I 
> would prefer to maintain the jcr properties and bean properties in a
> single point - the class file. I will try to use x-doclet to specify 
> e.g. the jcr-"value constraints" for a bean property (Maybe we can 
> later use XMI to support "real" MDA). It should then be possible to 
> completely maintain the nodetypes only with class files.
> In short term I can only create new nodetypes out of classfiles 
> because I think it will not be an easy task to migrate nodes from one 
> type to another and maybe user input or converter classes are needed.
How do you see the notype management in this framework ? it is not clear 
for me what you plan to do, can you give more details ?

>> * Please use maven and not ant, it is used by all projects in the asf 
>> portal area. If you install maven, JAAS config is setup for you when 
>> running the unit test. See the file maven.xml. By this way, you can 
>> drop your hard coding on your own config folders.
> In the project where I can hopefully integrate the mapping we can only 
> use ant. So I need to find a solution for ant and maven.

Let's start with ant and I will migrate your ant tasks in Maven. We will 
see later this issue.

> I prefer to wait before check int  thoses files when the asf licence 
> will be added and when we will have a more advance situation. Anyway, 
> it This is absolutely ok.
Thanks for the contrib - Let me know when you have something new. I'm 
reviewing the Graffito security and after that I can help you.


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