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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Getting Graffito to work with Jetspeed-2-M2 and Oracle9i
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 14:10:05 GMT
Hello Team,

I thought I'd like to see how Graffito was progressing and started building it this morning
while trying to get it to work with Oracle9i (my primary db) and the new Jetspeed-2.0-M2.

Well, that took some time...
I'd like to help out with the project and can provide numerous fixes/patches but my time
for today is already running out (I've hacked my way through getting it to work, my changes
need cleanup before they can be committed).

But, I'd like to mention a few of the issues I encountered:

- Mapping java.sql.Date/java.util.Date to SQL TIMESTAMP fails on Oracle (ClassCastException)
   CmsObject.creationDate and CmsObject.lastModified are mapped as TIMESTAMP but in the java
   implementation they are defined as java.util.Date.
   And in several locations these are furthermore filled with java.sql.Date instances.
   As I expect you would like to store the full time part I modified the CmsObject interface
   to use java.sql.Timestamp for these fields instead (and adjusted all usages accordingly)
- Blob usage on Oracle
   OJB 1.0.1 doesn't handle Blob fields on Oracle. I've upgraded to OJB 1.0.2 (1.0.3 doesn't
   work with the version of Spring used for Graffito).
- Mapping of CmsObject.owner and CmsObject.language are defined required in the schema but
   not always filled in in the testcases. As I didn't think it should be required I made them
   optional (wondering how you can get past this on mysql though)
- project/ are not complete. I was missing the following properties in the (but they are included in site/
     org.apache.portals.graffito.database.ojb.plateform (note the typing error for platform)

I'll can try to provide patches for these if you want but it will have to wait a bit because
my client just informed me I'll have to fix a problem for one of their developer teams.
Don't know yet if that'll be resolved today or in a week time ;-)

Anyway, I finally got Graffito up and running in Jetspeed-2.0-M2 and its looks great!
Congrats on that.

My client might be interested in having it integrated in their J2 portal so I might be working
with/on Graffito much more soon.

One thing I'm wondering about and I don't have the time anymore to look into for now so maybe
you can help me out here:
will it be easy to store the Content separately in the filesystem instead of the database?
I know that might introduce problems with locking etc. but that aside, will it be possible?

Regards, Ate

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