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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: JCR mapping - step 2
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:18:41 GMT
> I commited a small prototype (basic foundation to work together) for the
> JCR mapping framework. See in the jcr-mapping subproject.
> Currently, it works like this :
> * There is a converter class/cms object registered in a config file (see
> a example in jcr-mapping\src\conf\convertertest\converters.xml). This
> config file is very simple for this prototype.
> * A simple converter class can be found in
> org.apache.portals.graffito.jcr.testconverter.
> * It is possible to use custom JCR nodetypes or unstructured nodes.
> This prototype is based on a node type called "graffito:folder"
> * Check the
> jcr-mapping/src/test/org/apache/portals/graffito/jcr/session/impl/
> <>to get more info
> What about the next step  ? I think the following steps should be
> interesting :
> * Add search capabilities
> * More unit tests
> * Build a more generic converter class. I'm thinking about a more
> advanced config file.  Something like :
> <converters>
>     <converter class="org.mycmsframework.Folder"
> converterClass="org.apache.portals.graffito.jcr.converter.GenericConverter"
> nodetype="graffito:folder" >
>              <attributes>
>                    <attribute name="description" />
>                          <propertyNode name="graffito:description" />
>                    </attribute>
>              <attributes>
>              ....
>              <!-- add associations here -->
>      <converter>
> </converters>
> * Any volonteer to continue this work ? Again, the code is still a
> *prototype* and you are welcome to send us patches, comments, new
> enhancements, ...  I'm going to create a new component in JIRA.

some comments after review:
- I am not so sure if having a nodetype "graffito:folder" extending
"nt:folder" is such a good idea. Any subnode must then be a node of
type "nt:hierarchyNode" which I think is not very flexible since I can
only use files and resources. I am not a big fan of the "document" and
"file" concept and I would rather change the nodetype
"graffito:folder" to extend "nt:base".

- Will the jcr-mapping module have  a spring framework integration? If
so, will it have its own bean xml file?

- Is the converters.xml file really necessary? In theory only a
graffito ContentNode type to jcr nodetype mapping is necessary (if
even that.....)

- Will there be a content store integration like the OJB one?

- Will versioning be an issue? Apart from folders I think versioning
should be implemented by default on any object update.

- Is it because it is a prototype that the API differs so much from
OJB implementation in


p.s. btw, nice job for a quick prototype!

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