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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: JCR integration proposal
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 21:18:48 GMT
hi sandro,
> if I have own node types for bean classes, exporting and importing
> content would be a little bit more extensive. According to part "7.4.5.
> Serialization and Node Types" I may need to register node types
> separately before I can import content.

I am not sure why "node type safety" is such an important issue.
Whether I reflect on the node properties of an unstructured node or
whether I reflect on a node type definition, does not make such a big
difference to me. Am I missing something?

Creating custom node types for bean classes definately makes
interaction from different API's a lot easier and safer, that's for
> Do you think Graffito would need a node type aware repository connection
> at all? If not, I will not longer delay your work.

I think custom node types are definately an issue to some extent but I
am not sure if a new node type needs to created for every bean class
type that needs to persisted. A base node type makes sense in my mind.


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