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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: JCR integration proposal
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 21:27:56 GMT
> * I want to leave our persistence service as it is. I don't want to
> replace it by a new JCR implementation. I don't want to change the
> Graffito API which is *very* simple to use. I see only some minor
> changes in the version & search services.
> * JCR integration can be made with a new implementation for the
> and a new Server class
> (eg. org.apache.portals.graffito.model.JCRServer).
> * I would like to create a new subproject which will contains a JCR
> mapping framework. The goal of this framework is to store any java beans
> (CmsObject) in a JCR repository.This framework will be used by the JCR
> ContentStore implementation and if needed,  can be used outside the
> Graffito engine. After a lot of discussion on that topic, I would like
> to start with a very simple solution  based on a converter class for
> each CmsObject types (Document, Folder, ...). So if a new CmsObject
> class is required for a custom application, the developer has to write a
> new JCR converter class. Later, we can write more advanced/generic
> converter implementations based on introspection or similar techniques.

I would like to volunteer to implement a jcr persistence layer for
graffito based on jackrabbit as described by christophe (simple
solution based on a converter class). I have some experience with
jackrabbit und decent knowledge of the jcr spec.
I have spent some time developing a jcr object persistence framework
myself (not a mapping framework) and have looked into the graffito
sourcecode to make sure jcr can be integrated which I think is
possible with little or  no changes to the existing graffito API.

Concerning the advanced jcr mapping framework I think my existing jcr
framework code is a little different conceptually and I don't want to
get into this for now.

Please let me know if this makes sense to you, if so I'd be pleased to join in.


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