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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: Mapping of Items
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:38:03 GMT
hi sandro,

> > a JCR is a very common usecase (of the future...). Creating a
> > framework for serializing these objects into a JCR at runtime is the
> > way to go in my mind. Please let me know what you think about this.
> Hmm. Maybe we have different philosophies for the mapping. I had not
> something like a plain byte stream in my mind. But of course - your way
> would be easier to implement.

Sorry for being so inaccurate. I didn't mean to serialize an object
stream into the jcr content node. By serializing objects I meant
reflecting on its class properties to create or update node

There are currently two modes of object persistence:
1. Objects are stored into the JCR by java reflection. Primitive types
are mapped to node properties one by one. For every complex object a
new node is created (with node properties for each primitive).
2. Objects are stored into the JCR by xml serialization. One node
property is created for the whole xml serialized object.

Mode 1. is the standard (recommended) way.


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