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From St├ęphane Croisier <>
Subject Re: Why not using Magnolia
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:54:26 GMT
At 14:29 18/03/2005, you wrote:
>Actually, there are some advances behind the doors because there's a 
>strong demand from the ASF and LGPL projects themselves. The LGPL ban
>is not

??? missing some words ???

>Not really, when you get a package under a given licence, you get a copy
>of the licence and that can't be retroactively changed later on, although 
>you can be prevented from using an updated version of the package due a 
>licence change. If this is licence is written as LGPL+
>additional project specific clauses then that's what is enforceable and
>not what the FSF decides.
>Ultimately, licencing terms are decided by copyright holders not the
>foundation that provides the "standard" OSS licences.

You can (perhaps) fork the LGPL text but then you can't say any more that 
you are (L)GPL compliant as your text was not approved by the FSF and that 
the (L)GPL texts are coyprighted (that's why I put the "perhaps" as I do 
not if you have the right to modify the (L)GPL text without the FSF prior 
consent as this text is protected by the Bern Convention).

But to resume the situation: for the moment you can't use LGPL in Apache 
projects (excepted very loosely oupled links). Let's see if this changes in 
the future ;-)

>>But there is an easy solution to this problem: Why Magnolia does not 
>>change its license from LGPL to ASL? ;-)
>Changing from LGPL to ASL is a significant business decision...

I know, I know... It was more a joke... But if they planned to go 
commercial, a dual-GPL/commercial license would have been better... The 
LGPL looks like not viral enough... So why not then putting everything in 
ASL? ;-)


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