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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Why not using Magnolia
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 13:01:48 GMT
Michael Aemisegger wrote:

> Michael Wechner wrote:
>> Michael Aemisegger wrote:
>>> Dear list
>>> I hope you don't mind bothering you with this question again. I've 
>>> read the thread about Lenya and haven't found arguments that would 
>>> counteract Magnolia. Why not using Magnolia?
>> I don't think so this thread was about why using which CMS, but 
>> rather why do
>> various such projects within Apache exist.
> Michi, you're right. My post was not directed against Lenya and maybe 
> I do underestimate apache community bonds. Sorry, if I tiptoed on 
> anybodies feet.

please don't worry, you didn't step on anyone toes, at least not mine ;-)

>> Also AFAIK Obinary (who started Magnolia in the first place and I 
>> guess still owns the copyright) is creating new software which seems 
>> to be based on so-called collaborative
> like Jahia?

I guess similiar. I just got this impression from what I am reading on
the Magnolia mailing list.


Michael Wechner
Wyona Inc.  -   Open Source Content Management   -   Apache Lenya                          

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