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From Raphaël Luta <>
Subject Re: Why not using Magnolia
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 12:16:55 GMT
Stéphane Croisier wrote:
> At 11:10 18/03/2005, Michael Wechner wrote:
>>> I can't tell for sure whether the licenses of Apache and Magnolia can 
>>> go together.
>> AFAIK Magnolia uses LGPL and this might not work out to all ends in 
>> the combination with the Apache license.
> To be clearer:
> 1. Using LGPL'd licensed works at Apache
> 1.1. Can I use an LGPL'd licensed work at Apache?
> No.
> 1.2. Please?
> Nope.
> ;-)

Actually, this may change soon, provided the LGPL-based project is 
willing to provide a "clarification of intent" like Hibernate which 
clearly states how they see the LGPL apply in the java context.
IMO, there are better LGPL-alike licenses that can non-ambigously
be applied in the java world (like the Mozilla MPL) but each project
should chose what suits them best. AFAIK, MPL dependencies are OK.

>> Also AFAIK Obinary (who started Magnolia in the first place and I 
>> guess still owns the copyright) is creating new software which seems 
>> to be based on so-called collaborative
>> source licenses which are not OSI certified and can cause conflicts.
> Not mixing things with Jahia? But if Magnolia plans/wants to use a 
> collaborative/fair source license paradig, they are welcome. But that's 
> not the topic here. Of course we all need to speak about some Apache 
> license compliant code contributions here...

All code hosted by the ASF needs to be Apache licensed but we can have
dependencies on external code that have compatible licenses even if they 
are not ASL.

Raphaël Luta -
Apache Portals - Enterprise Portal in Java

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