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From Michael Aemisegger <>
Subject Re: Why not using Magnolia
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 10:48:40 GMT
Michael Wechner wrote:
> Michael Aemisegger wrote:
>> Dear list
>> I hope you don't mind bothering you with this question again. I've 
>> read the thread about Lenya and haven't found arguments that would 
>> counteract Magnolia. Why not using Magnolia?
> I don't think so this thread was about why using which CMS, but rather 
> why do
> various such projects within Apache exist.

Michi, you're right. My post was not directed against Lenya and maybe I do 
underestimate apache community bonds. Sorry, if I tiptoed on anybodies feet. 
My post was not meant to be a follow-up to your post, that's why I opened a new 
technical thread. Still, I refered to the Lenya thread because I could not see 
any technical counter arguments. My mail was just in my mind for a few weeks 
now, and I felt now was the right moment to post it.

>> I can't tell for sure whether the licenses of Apache and Magnolia can 
>> go together.
> AFAIK Magnolia uses LGPL and this might not work out to all ends in the 
> combination with the Apache license.
> Also AFAIK Obinary (who started Magnolia in the first place and I guess 
> still owns the copyright) is creating new software which seems to be 
> based on so-called collaborative

like Jahia?

> source licenses which are not OSI certified and can cause conflicts.

Things are here to be changed.

> I can understand why "companies" are heading into this direction, but I 
> wouldn't rely
> on such software and "communities", because of specific lock-ins.


>> Magnolia could be the CMS part for administering content, Jetspeed 
>> could be the presentation and business logic part and Graffito would 
>> enrich those two with ready to use JSR-168 compliant mini applications.
> I don't this is abour technical issues, but about communities and licenses.

You might be right. Please note, that this is another thread.


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