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From Michael Aemisegger <>
Subject Re: Why not using Magnolia
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 10:33:27 GMT
LOMBART Christophe wrote:
> I saw your jetspeed demo and it seems to be very good.

Merci, Thank you for the flowers.

> Is it possible to see the code used for this demo ? 

Not yet, I'm sorry. I can explain how I did what. Our product targets end users 
with no technical skills, so there is no such thing as a architecture chart of 
my project or any documentation I could provide out of the box.

> We should definetly see what we have in common. Can you present Graffito to the Magnolia
community ?

I will. After all, also cross-reading a follow-up by Michi Wechner, I repeat, I 
do not speak for the Magnolia community  in its entireness.

> Of course, The Magnolia community is welcome here.

Glad to hear.

> I'm sure Magnilia & Graffito will have too many common points.

Me too.

> Now, how will start this discussion,  ... ? 

Well, it's some kind of blind date. Let's see how the Magnolia community and 
Obinary, the driving company behind it, react on my initiative. Also, I'd be 
happy to hear more votes from your community. I will start to collect arguments 
for an engagement and if I find convincing ones, I'll present them again on 
this mailing lit.

> I can review the architecture info on Graffito and gives more detail. By this you will
have more technical details. 

That would be nice. I will have a deeper look at Graffito this weekend.


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