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From "LOMBART Christophe" <>
Subject Re: Why not using Lenya
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 09:31:04 GMT
Michael Wechner wrote:

> I guess Lenya has similar goals, but uses a different approach

Can you explain ?  I'm really interesting to get  more info on Leyna.

>> Concerning the JCR support, we want to maximize the abstraction on the repository.
JCR is certainly a very nice spec but it is too low level API. I can't image to use the JCR
object model (Node, Item & Property)  in some portlets, jsp pages, ... I prefer to use
CMS objects like Folder, Forum, Thread, News, Article, ...
> you mean similar to Zope?
No Zope plateform  is too complex. :-)
We like the code in the application domain like this

    Article article = new Article();

catch ( ...)
Even if it is a "propriatary" API it is so simple. Using the JCR API in our application domain
and eventually build some taglib based on JCR can be difficult to maintain and can gives some
issue to migrate to another kind of content technology, ...

> For the moment Lenya is integrating Jackrabbit for documents, but yes it would make
> sense to discuss it and you might want to ask this on the Jackrabbit mailing list ;-)
Oliver Kiessler posted this kind of question. The Jackrabbit committers was not interested
by the discussion.
I think it is not the the goal of JackRabbit. It nice to see the JackRabbit team focusing
only on the JCR spec.

>> Anyway, it is a common question for the ASF. Why Trapestry, Struts, Turbine, Cocoon.
Is it not the same stuff to make web apps  :-) ?  
> Well, I think in most cases there is not just one way of doing things and Apache allows
> various ways and I think this is good. It might be seen as a waste of resources, but
> I think it's more a question of finding the right balance.
Graffito is a place to find more and more CMS/DM components, tools and later applications.
It is not mandatory to use all of them.
Eg. This is not mandatory to use The Graffito portlets in your application.  You have the
freedom to use only what you need.


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