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From "DerShung Yang" <>
Subject RE: Jetspeed deployment issue
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 04:45:38 GMT
I checked out Jetspeed 2 on 2/16.  Or maybe you have a newer version of
Jetspeed?  Anyway, hope the patch would allow us not to worry about keeping
in sync with Jetspeed, unless they make some drastic structural changes.

Regarding the add folder/document buttons, I was again using the 2/16
snapshot, which was apparently out of date.  I checked out the code today
and the new code base does allow addition and viewing of folders/documents.
Thanks a lot for the info!!

I'll continue learning and playing with new code base and report the things
that I find on Jira.

Again, thanks a lot for the info,

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From: Christophe Lombart []
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 5:18 PM
Subject: Re: Jetspeed deployment issue

DerShung Yang wrote:

> Hi, I just started trying to get Graffito up and running on my machine
> and ran into some problem deploying Graffito into Jetspeed 2.
> Basically, the current version of maven.xml in
> graffito/jetspeed2-deploy does a direct copy of
> src/assembly/jetspeed-spring.xml into the deployed Jetspeed directory
> (webapps/jetspeed/WEB-INF/assembly). However, the jetspeed-spring.xml
> in Graffito seems out of date compared to the latest one from
> Jetspeed, causing some conflicts at runtime.
That's strange, I'm using a recent Jetspeed 2 update.

> I was able to fix this problem by modifying
> graffito/jetspeed2-deploy/maven.xml so that it dynamically inserts the
> two Graffito entries (i.e., ContentServer and ContentModel) into the
> deployed jetspeed-spring.xml. The modified maven.xml also has some
> rudimentary protection against re-insertion for re-deployment by
> checking if the word "graffito" is already present in the
> jetspeed-spring.xml file. Not a perfect solution, but should alleviate
> some of the issues associated with static file copying. The modified
> maven.xml is attached.
Thanks for the patch, I'm going to check it ASAP (probably tomorrow). I
like your patch :-) It is always tedious to check if the
jetspeed-spring.xml is still up to date.

> I'm finally able to get the Graffito content browser portlet running
> inside of Jetspeed 2, although the buttons to add either folders or
> documents don't work yet (I'll continue digging into that problem).
Please give more info. What do you see in the edit mode ? The button are
available only in the edit mode. I just commited new features in this
portlet :
In summrary, you can now :
In the view mode : Browser and view folders & documents.
In the edit mode : add, delete folders & documents, upload documents &
use the HTML editor (currenlty Kupu).

I'm going to add more and more features in this portlet.

> Anyway, I thought I might share my two cents. With limited exposure to
> Graffito, I hope this fix makes sense. Or if there's better way to
> handle this, please let me know.
All contribution makes sense ! You are welcome and thanks again.

> I don't know if this is the right venue to communicate this type of
> issues. Or should I use Jira?
Yes, Jira is more appropriate to communicate this kind of issues.


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