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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: Jetspeed deployment issue
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:17:47 GMT

DerShung Yang wrote:

> Hi, I just started trying to get Graffito up and running on my machine 
> and ran into some problem deploying Graffito into Jetspeed 2. 
> Basically, the current version of maven.xml in 
> graffito/jetspeed2-deploy does a direct copy of 
> src/assembly/jetspeed-spring.xml into the deployed Jetspeed directory 
> (webapps/jetspeed/WEB-INF/assembly). However, the jetspeed-spring.xml 
> in Graffito seems out of date compared to the latest one from 
> Jetspeed, causing some conflicts at runtime.
That's strange, I'm using a recent Jetspeed 2 update.

> I was able to fix this problem by modifying 
> graffito/jetspeed2-deploy/maven.xml so that it dynamically inserts the 
> two Graffito entries (i.e., ContentServer and ContentModel) into the 
> deployed jetspeed-spring.xml. The modified maven.xml also has some 
> rudimentary protection against re-insertion for re-deployment by 
> checking if the word “graffito” is already present in the 
> jetspeed-spring.xml file. Not a perfect solution, but should alleviate 
> some of the issues associated with static file copying. The modified 
> maven.xml is attached.
Thanks for the patch, I'm going to check it ASAP (probably tomorrow). I 
like your patch :-) It is always tedious to check if the 
jetspeed-spring.xml is still up to date.

> I’m finally able to get the Graffito content browser portlet running 
> inside of Jetspeed 2, although the buttons to add either folders or 
> documents don’t work yet (I’ll continue digging into that problem).
Please give more info. What do you see in the edit mode ? The button are 
available only in the edit mode. I just commited new features in this 
portlet :
In summrary, you can now :
In the view mode : Browser and view folders & documents.
In the edit mode : add, delete folders & documents, upload documents & 
use the HTML editor (currenlty Kupu).

I'm going to add more and more features in this portlet.

> Anyway, I thought I might share my two cents. With limited exposure to 
> Graffito, I hope this fix makes sense. Or if there’s better way to 
> handle this, please let me know.
All contribution makes sense ! You are welcome and thanks again.

> I don’t know if this is the right venue to communicate this type of 
> issues. Or should I use Jira?
Yes, Jira is more appropriate to communicate this kind of issues.


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