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From "LOMBART Christophe" <>
Subject Re: absence
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:59:30 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

> Team,
> Im sorry for my unexcused absence.
> Been finishing off a book for Manning (Portlets in Action) and the last 10 days have
been basically write, eat, write, write, sleep, write ...
> Also had a project deadline mixed in there

No problem ! When your book will be available ?

> In the book, I wrote about Graffito

Thanks !

> I had limited time, and I followed a pattern I used on my project:
> * override the Graffito interfaces that I needed
> * don't use the pluggable persistence architecture
>   (i found this too complicated for my time alloted)
Maybe some sequence diagrams should help. I think it is not so complex. Let me know when you
want to speak about that.

> Not perfect, but at least we are now going to be in print soon
> So I overrode:
> ContentModel - store content on file system + relational DB for metadata
> ContentSearch - integrated with Lucene, worked great
> ContentServer - provide Graffito normalized URI
> I *know* this didn't follow our architecture completely, but at least I got back to using
Graffito again.

I think it follows our architecture. Maybe we can try to move your code into the persistence
layer. The persistence layer is just there to give more abstraction on the content repo.
I like the idea to split between a fs and a database.  I'm also interesting to have more normalization
on the uri.
is it  possible to send me your code snapshot in order to check if we can integrate it  into
the current Graffito repo ? I'm interesting to help you to consolidate our works.

> From it, I developed 3 portlets:
> 1. CMS Tree Browser
> 2. CMS Document Viewer
> 3. CMS Search Portlet
> I need to decouple these from my specific implementation
> The coupling is very very low, they look for specific properties from document.getProperty
such as hitrate on a search.
> Hope to contribute soon
> Also, saw that Christophe is writing similar portlets with Velocity
> I really prefer Velocity, so thats great
> My portlets used JSP because the tree view browser was integral, and I was working with
Jeremy and he wrote the Jetspeed-2 tree browser so we went with that. Actuallly it looks very
nice, and now supports lazy loading which i think is essential for browsing over large CMSs

Is it possible to port this treeview into the velocity world ?
The more I'm using Velocity, the more I like it. It is so simple compare to jsp,jstl,jsf technologies.
As you will see, my browser provides another kind of navigation based on some simple href
like  'you are here : home>myfolder>anotherfolder>mydoc. 
I think both kind of navigation are interesting.

> So thats my status
> Hope to start contributing by next week and can't wait to try out Christophe's new portlets

Maybe I can also resume what I'm doing :
* Mainly working on the Graffito Browser portlet :
    * In the view mode :
            - Simple navigation across the content tree.
             -View document (HTML, simple text, binaries doc like word, images, ... ).
    * In the edit mode :
             - Manage folder (insert, update, delete)
             - Manage documents (insert, update, delete). Kupu, an HTML editor is integrated
in this portlet. I prefer another HTML editor but there are some licence issues.
             - Upload documents

    I think it is interesing to have all thoses features in one single portlet but it provides
a very large process action method.  That's why I'm refactoring to code to use some PortletActions.
I will introduce this small feature next week and If needed send the code to the J2 team (not
yet commited).

   I also build a Tab component for the velocity template based portlets. I plan to submit
the code to the J2 team when it will be used in the Graffito portlets.

Plan to do :
    *  Add the GraffitoNews class in the Graffito model and RSS support.
    * Add the permission management in the Browser portlet
    * More integration with J2 :
        *  Graffito implementation for the page manager. I will need help for this point.
         * Define a Graffito Valve.
    * Finalise the search service with a event handler service.
    * Build a server management portlet (add, delete, update server references and plugin).
    * Webdav support
    * JCR Support : I think we have to discuss on that topic ASAP. 
     * Workflow.

humm,  we will be busy for a couple of month :-)


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