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From Christophe <>
Subject Unit Tests - FileSystemServer
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2005 22:25:23 GMT

If one unit test failed, the test db was not clean up properly. This is 
certainly the reason why your unit tests failed last week. I just added 
a new maven goal ( db.reinit.test ) which is called before starting the 
unit tests.
Now it should work. Let me know if it is not working for you.

Second point, the unit test for the FileSystemServer failed for 
different reasons :
* Missing constructor in FileSystemContentStore. Now, it is not possible 
to build the project if the constructor is missing in a ContentStore 
implementation. All Content Store implementation should inherit from the 
new class : AbstractContentStore.
* the Master Store Schema was not yet ready to support a FS server 
reference. I modified the DB schema in order to support this kind of 

Everything has been fixed. Make an update to see my changes and you can 
continue your work on the FS implementation.

The work completed by yourself shows that it is not easy to add a new 
content store type. We have to find a better solution. it is tedious to 
change the DB schema each time a new kind of content store is needed.
Maybe a  xml config file should be more appropriate. What do you think 
about that ?


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