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From David Sean Taylor <>
Subject Re: 2 or more component services for the same interface
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 20:49:59 GMT
Christophe wrote:
> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>>> Supporting another kind of content stores (WEBDAV, fs, ...)  is made 
>>> via the ContentStore interface and Server interface.
>> Specifically, right now I need a FS impl with minimal leveling, for 
>> now read-only.
> Do you need indexing & searching ? if yes, I want to make a proposal for 
> an event handler which can be used to index, notify, .... I think AOP 
> can help.
I have a Lucene index here that I've created.
Would like to adapt Graffito over it somehow
I plan to start on that next week

>> Will all the documents and folders in my FS store need to have 
>> corresponding rows in the master store DB (CMS_OBJECT)?
> No. There is no need to add one record in the master store for each 
> document & folders found in your FS.
> The main goal of the master store DB is to list all server references.

I like it. Its works well for my needs.

> Eventually you can add some contents and folders in it but it not 
> mandatory. So, CMS_OBJECT is used only if you want to add content in 
> this Master store.
> Just for the info : if you have only one content store, your fs can be 
> the Graffito master store. It is up to you to choose which server will 
> be the master store :-)  This is specify in the Spring assembly script.
I'll give it a try

>> OK, Im going to try to write a FS ContentStore implementation and 
>> Server. Again I will need to ability to 'attach' FS store root at run 
>> time, same old problem there :)
> That's already supported with ContentServerService.addServer(Server). 
> Check the unit tests you should fine a example. We need to build a admin 
> portlet to manage thoses servers (DB, FS, WEBDAV,...).
> Good decision :-)  We can build later a VFS plugin.

Well Im going to try this out this afternoon.
Will let you know how it goes....

David Sean Taylor
Bluesunrise Software
[office] +01 707 773-4646
[mobile] +01 707 529 9194

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