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From Avery Ching <>
Subject Re: better way to update site?
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 21:48:58 GMT
+1.  Having the pre-generated files in svn is good enough for me.


On 11/11/11 1:36 PM, Jakob Homan wrote:
> As Avery documented in GIRAPH-36
> (
> it's pretty painful to update the site currently.  This is due to the
> fact that we're keeping the site within the src tree (as dictated by
> mvn), so we can't just check it out, as other, ant/forrest projects
> do.  The other project I found that does this is hbase, which avoids
> the whole mess by not keeping their site (ie the contents of
> in svn, but rather generating
> the site locally and then copying straight to that directory.
> I think this may be a better approach since it avoids the huge churn
> of rming and re-creating the whole site structure each time.
> In this schema, once the site is updated, run mvn site:site to
> generate its contents, verify its correctness, then scp it to
> and replace the current directory.  (or rsync it and
> be done).  We'll still have all the history of the site, etc., just
> none of the hassle.
> What do people think?

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