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From Craig Russell <>
Subject Re: How to understand cut a release
Date Wed, 19 May 2021 00:16:59 GMT

I'd say that there are two distinct parts to making releases, and would recommend that we
update the docs to reflect:

1. "Preparing a release" is something that is done by a release manager. Some documentation
refers to this as "cutting" a release. Preparing a release means following the project-specific
instructions for creating the release artifacts and putting them in a repository that is a
staging area for voting and subsequent publishing the release.

2. "Publishing a release" is done after the podling and then the IPMC approve the release
that has been prepared, using a formal [VOTE] process. If the vote fails, the release manager
can prepare an improved release. Publishing means that the release artifacts are moved to
the official distribution area where they are picked up by the mirror system.

So, cutting a release == creating a release == preparing a release 
but these != publishing a release.


> On May 17, 2021, at 8:10 AM, Zhang Yonglun <> wrote:
> Hi,
> In the 'Creating an Apache Release' section of the graduation guide [1], I
> am a little confused by the statements of 'cut a release', 'publish a
> release' and 'create a release'. What's the difference between them?
> I really know what this section means generally, but when I tried to
> translate I met difficult.
> I thought these three statements are equal previous, but I'm not sure now.
>> Podlings do not need to actually *publish *a release to demonstrate that
> they understand how to accomplish such a feat. However, creating a release
> that is approved by the incubator project management committee is usually
> the simplest way to do this.
> What does the highlight *publish* imply? Anyway, I get 'create a release'
> is better.
>> If you are going to cut a release (which is highly recommended), then
> please read the Incubator Release Management Guide for hints, tips and
> guidelines for cutting a release that will get approved by the IPMC without
> problems.
> Why recommend 'cut a release' this time instead of 'create a release'?
> I am trying to translate this guide to local language, it's very appreciate
> if anyone could help.
> [1]
> _release
> --
> Zhang Yonglun
> Apache ShenYu (Incubating)
> Apache ShardingSphere

Craig L Russell

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