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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache MXNet (incubating) 1.0.0 release RC0
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 23:54:15 GMT

-1 binding due to license, header issues and having a compiled jar in a source release.

I checked:
- incubating in name 
- signatures and hashes correct
- LICENSE has issues (see below) I also note that license issues brought up last time have
not all been addressed. [22]
- NOTICE seem rather brief considering the number of Apache licensed inclusion do any of them
have NOTICE files?
- A number of source file are missing license headers e.g. [15][16] [18] [19] and many others
- A number of source look to have had the ASF header incorrectly added.
- Binary included in source release [20] Note there’s an unresolved legal issue about this

Have you run rat on this release it would of help pick up most of these issues?

In this file [1] there’s a copyright notice but it also has an ASF header which is a little
odd. This also occurs in a number of other places.

This file [2] also look to incorrectly have an ASF header and it’s unclear how the original
code is licensed. From a quick like their seems to be many files that incorrectly have ASF
headers on them e.g. [5][6][7] [10][12][13][14] and others. 

This file [3] (and others) looks to come from the TVM project which is not mentioned in license.

The license for this file [4] is missing from license.

The link for JQuery [8] is missing from the license. Also missing license for these files
[9][11][17] and probably others.

At this point I gave up so there may be other issues.

It also a good idea to publish your keys:
gpg: assuming signed data in 'apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating.tar.gz'
gpg: Signature made Sat 25 Nov 07:48:02 2017 AEDT
gpg:                using RSA key 80FD81D7703DF31B
gpg: requesting key 80FD81D7703DF31B from hkps server
gpg: Can't check signature: No public key

It’s also a good idea to sign with an apache email address rather than a gmail one.

I’m also curious about “CODEOWNERS” file as that doesn’t seem to fit with any Apache
model I’m aware of.

In “CONTRIBUTORS” there’s a long list of contributors - are their plan to make any of
these people committers?


1. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/perl-package/AI-MXNet/lib/AI/
2. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/example/image-classification/predict-cpp/
3. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/nnvm/tvm/src/op/
4. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/docs/_static/searchtools_custom.js
5. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/src/operator/nn/pool.h
6. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/src/operator/contrib/nn/deformable_im2col.h
7. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/src/operator/contrib/psroi_pooling-inl.h
8. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/docs/_static/jquery-1.11.1.js
9. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/cub/test/mersenne.h
10. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/cmake/Modules/FindJeMalloc.cmake
11.  ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/dmlc-core/cmake/Modules/FindCrypto.cmake
12. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/example/speech-demo/
13. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/example/speech-demo/io_func/
14. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/src/operator/special_functions-inl.h
15. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/example/rnn/bucket_R/rnn.train.R
16. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/tests/travis/r_vignettes.R
17. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/matlab/+mxnet/private/parse_json.m
18  apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/ps-lite/tests/
19. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/dmlc-core/tracker/yarn/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/yarn/dmlc/
20. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc0-incubating/nnvm/tvm/apps/android_rpc/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar

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