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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Apache Ignite - Persistent Store
Date Sun, 21 May 2017 21:07:18 GMT
On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 2:02 PM, John D. Ament <> wrote:
> On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 4:54 PM Craig Russell <> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> I don't know all of the details of the code, but this is in regard to
>> GridGain's grant via SGA of a persistent store system which is a
>> substantial body of code not developed at Apache. So IMHO it is appropriate
>> for the code grant to be reviewed.
> Errr... wait a tick.  We've been told a few times that IP Clearance and SGA
> are binary.  You do one or the other, not both.  Specifically SGA is to
> allow the modification of license (from X to Apache-V2.0) whereas IP
> Clearance is verifying that all existing Apache-v2.0 donation is in fact
> properly licensed (e.g. no hidden LGPL or other inappropriate licenses).
> There's even a line in the SGA that puts the ownness on this to the donator.
> If GridGain has submitted an SGA then that SGA is what is used.  Have they
> actually submitted an SGA as well?

FWIW: last week I recommended them to do that. Not sure if it was submitted.
That's why I'm so puzzled to see this request here (on top of Ignite being TLP
and not longer having much to do with IPMC).


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