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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Incubator Quickstep 0.1.0 RC6
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:08:05 GMT
-1 (binding)

* xsums/sigs OK

The key you provided isn't the one that was used to sign this release, 
FYI. You have D280F52E up on your people space, but used 5A29899A to 
sign this release.

* Artifact starts with "apache-quickstep" and includes "incubating"
* DISCLAIMER present
* Missing LICENSE text for bundled software
* Can build from source

cpplint and glog are bundled and licensed under 3-clause BSD, but this 
text is not included in your LICENSE file. farmhash is MIT licensed and 
also not listed in your LICENSE file. When you create these entries in 
LICENSE, you can also move the copyright text from the NOTICE file and 
place it in the LICENSE file as a convenience.

It appears that you bundle Google Protobuf and that is 3-clause BSD and 
also absent. Same for IWYU ("Include what you use").

* `./parser/preprocessed/*` seems to be licensed as GPLv3 from the 
header which is a no-go.

* Some missing/inaccurate license headers. Are these of Quickstep's 
creation? Bundled from somewhere else?
   - third_party/src/cpplint/ (I'm guessing this is of 
your own creation, I don't see this in the cpplint github repo)
   - ./parser/preprocessed/
   - ./query_execution/ForemanDistributed.cpp (not sure about the origin 
of this and the following three)
   - ./query_execution/ForemanDistributed.hpp
   - ./query_execution/PolicyEnforcerDistributed.cpp
   - ./query_execution/PolicyEnforcerDistributed.hpp

gflags is listed in NOTICE but not bundled (at least at the noted 
location). Strike this text or fix the location at which it is bundled.

Aside: took a look at your website. A few comments:

* ASF incubator text is there. Good work.
* If you could include the incubator logo, that would also be good (per 
* Typically podlings refer to themselves as "Apache Quickstep 
(incubating)" instead of "Apache (incubating) Quickstep" as in the 
header in the landing page :)

Pretty close, but just a couple of bad licensing things to clean up 
here. Please feel free to ask if what I pointed out is unclear/wrong.

- Josh

Marc Spehlmann wrote:
> The Apache Incubator Quickstep community has approved a vote to release
> Quickstep-0.1.0 RC6. Quickstep is a high performance relational database
> system built from the ground up for modern hardware.
> This vote will stay open until Wednesday 18:00 cst.
> -Marc
> ___
> The vote and results thread from dev:
> The commit to be voted upon:
> The artifacts to be voted on are located here:
> Release artifacts are signed with the following key:

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