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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Binary file inclusion (was [VOTE] Apache Toree (incubating) 0.1.0-rc4 as 0.1.0)
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 02:01:01 GMT

> If you look in the tar.gz you'll see that it's R source code, and a JAR for
> testing.  Its not compiled code.

Looks like the jars contain compiled code to me:
./sparkr-interpreter/src/main/resources/sparkr_bundle.tar.gz - Contains R code and a jar that
contains class files.
- Contains class files.
./scala-interpreter/src/test/resources/TestJar2.jar - Contains a class file (under a com ibm
package which seems odd)
./scala-interpreter/src/test/resources/ScalaTestJar.jar - as above
./scala-interpreter/src/test/resources/TestJar.jar - as above

Class files are compiled java code right?

How hard would it be to package these / compile these from source code as part of the build

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