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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Move Wiki Access Requests somewhere
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 15:35:14 GMT
Are most requesters already committers, or no?

If so, then *cough* whimsy tool *cough*.  That's a place we can create
simple AUTH'd request tools that channelize things; even as a front end,
it would ensure the requests have a specific which-wiki, who is the
username, etc. that you don't always get from emails.

Just a crazy idea I can't help with yet.  But agree: finding ways to
reduce non-interesting threads here would help people follow the
interesting discussions or votes.

- Shane

Benjamin Young wrote on 10/5/16 10:22 AM:
> The incubator list is pretty popular. ;) Not less so these days with
> the NetBeans discussions, etc.
> I’d like to propose (fwiw) that a mailing list be setup to ask for
> wiki access (perhaps wiki@incubator.a.o) and that it be used
> primarily for that purpose. If possible, the list could be setup to
> receive emails from anyone (without prior subscription) to avoid the
> need to “hang around” on that list if all you needed was to make an
> edit somewhere.
> Alternatively, perhaps a web form could be setup to mail the IPMC
> directly.
> Or, the much harder alternative, moving to Confluence, which I think
> avoids this request need / has it’s own more automated way of
> handling such things (maybe).
> The hope is just to reduce the signal to noise ratio here—which is
> already quite high due to so many projects talking in one general
> space.
> Thanks for considering this idea! Benjamin
> --

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