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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Fluo Parent POM 1-incubating (rc2)
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2016 03:13:52 GMT

> I know you voted +1, so I think you're okay with it as-is this time around. Is this correct?

Yep, it only a minor thing.

> I'm still a little confused about the location to place the files
> pre-release for voting. Should I understand that there is an "official"
> staging area to use for voting?

Yes and it’s [1], the apache nexus is a secondary area.[2] See also [3][4][5]. Note the
MAY in [2] but the MUST in [5].

> it's my understanding that people used to upload
> artifacts to prior to that

That changed about 5 years ago ;-)

> We can additionally put the same artifacts in /dev/dist (what is the full
> location?). Does that put the files in the mirrors?

No it doesn’t put the files in the mirrors. [6] The dev area is not mirrored. You can release
them with a simple svn move command.

> Regarding "apache-" as a filename prefix

It’s a good idea as it may give you some extra legal protection and make it clear from a
branding point of view that it’s an Apache project. Is it required by policy? Not that I’m
aware but most projects I’ve been involved in do have apache in the release name.



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