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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Atlas version 0.7-incubating
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2016 05:10:16 GMT

-1 (binding) until font license clarified.

The glypicons font is normally a commercially licensed font which is not compatible with the
Apache license [9], under certain conditions (i.e. shipped with bootstrap) it’s MIT (bottom
of same page) but I don’t see that here.

Also please fix for the next release:
- the incorrect year in NOTICE
- missing information from NOTICE
- missing licenses in LICENSE

I checked:
- file names including incubating
- signatures and hashes correct (although you may consider using sha512 as well as md5)
- NOTICE contains incorrect year, and is also missing information from this NOTICE file I
think [1][2]
- LICENSE is missing several things (see below)
- all Apache licensed source files have headers
- no unexpected binary files in the source release
- can compile from source

These items need to be listed in LICENSE I suggest using the short form and a pointer to the
license. [10]
- handbars.js (MIT licensed) [3]
- animate (MIT licensed) [4]
- json2 (public domain) [5]
- font awesome (MIT licensed) [6]
- font awesome (SIL license) [7]
- bbs (MIT license) [8]

Also as mentioned in last review of the incubating release - if these are not bundled please
remove their licenses from the LICENSE file.
"The license mentions Berkeley DB Java Edition and ASM but it doesn’t look like these are
bundled in the source release. If this is the case they should be removed from the source
LICENSE file."


3. ./dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/handlebars.js
4. ./dashboardv2/public/css/animate.min.css
5. ./dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/json2.js 
6 ./dashboardv2/public/css/font-awesome.min.css
7. apache-atlas-sources-0.7-incubating/dashboardv2/public/css/fonts/*
8. dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/hbs.js

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