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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Request to review updated License (Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Ranger 0.5.3 (incubating))
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:03:04 GMT

> I think these lines for "The Apache License 2.0" for the non-ASF are
> misleading (everything else is also Apache License) and is not
> required by the Apache license.

While it’s not in line with current policy, it's not a licensing error to list them. Several
projects do list them.

It may actually useful in some cases as products (i.e. bootstrap and select2) have changed
licenses over time. It's also useful for binary files like OpenSans where the license may
not be obvious by inspection.

> and if they already have a NOTICE

None of them (expect Spring Security) have NOTICE files that I can see. The Spring Security
NOTICE may not have anything that needs to be propagated. [1]

>  I would be brave and add their copyright to their files

This has come up before on the list (and legal discuss) and the decision was not to add the
license/copyright headers. but there’s probably several ways of dealing with this issue.


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