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From Siddharth Anand <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept Airflow into the Incubator
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 03:00:04 GMT
Following the discussion earlier:

I would like to call a VOTE for accepting Airflow as a new incubator project.

The proposal is available at:

The proposal is also included at the bottom of this email.

Vote is open until at least Tues, 29 March 2016, 23:59:00 PDT
[ ] +1 accept Airflow into the Apache Incubator
[ ] ±0
[ ] -1 because...

+1 (non-binding)

-s (Sid)

== Abstract ==

Airflow is a workflow automation and scheduling system that can be
used to author and manage data pipelines.

== Proposal ==

Airflow provides a system for authoring and managing workflows a.k.a.
data pipelines a.k.a. DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs). The developer
authors DAGs in Python using an Airflow-provided framework. He/She
then executes the DAG using Airflow’s scheduler or registers the DAG
for event-based execution. A web-based UI provides the developer with
a range of options for managing and viewing his/her data pipelines.

Airflow was developed at Airbnb to enable easier authorship and
management of DAGs than were possible with existing solutions such as
Oozie and Azkaban. For starters, both Oozie and Azkaban rely on one or
more XML or property files to be bundled together to define a
workflow. This separation of code and config can present a challenge
to understanding the DAG - in Azkaban, a DAG’s structure is reflected
by its file system tree and one can find himself/herself traversing
the file system when inspecting or changing the structure of the DAG.
Airflow workflows, on the other hand, are simply and elegantly defined
in Python code, often a single file. Airflow merges the powerful
Web-based management aspects of projects like Azkaban and Oozie with
the simplicity and elegance of defining workflows in Python. Airflow,
less than a year old in terms of its Open Source launch, is currently
used in production environments in more than 30 companies and boasts
an active contributor list of more than 100 developers, the vast
majority of which (>95%) are outside of Airbnb.

We would like to share it with the ASF and begin developing a
community of developers and users within Apache.

== Rationale ==

Many organizations (>30) already benefit from running Airflow to
manage data pipelines. Our 100+ contributors continue to provide
integrations with 3rd party systems through the implementation of new
hooks and operators, both of which are used in defining the tasks that
compose workflows.

== Current Status ==

=== Meritocracy ===

Our intent with this incubator proposal is to start building a diverse
developer community around Airflow following the Apache meritocracy
model. Since Airflow was open-sourced in mid-2015, we have had fast
adoption and contributions by multiple organizations the world over.
We plan to continue to support new contributors and we will work to
actively promote those who contribute significantly to the project to

=== Community ===

Airflow is currently being used in over 30 companies. We hope to
extend our contributor base significantly and invite all those who are
interested in building large-scale distributed systems to participate.

=== Core Developers ===

Airflow is currently being developed by four engineers: Maxime
Beauchemin, Siddharth Anand, Bolke de Bruin, and Chris Riccomini.
Chris is a member of the Apache Samza PMC and a contributor to various
Apache projects, including Apache Kafka and Apache YARN. Maxime,
Siddharth, and Bolke have contributed to Airflow.

=== Alignment ===
The ASF is the natural choice to host the Airflow project as its goal
of encouraging community-driven open-source projects fits with our
vision for Airflow.

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned Products ===

The core developers plan to work part time on the project. There is
very little risk of Airflow being abandoned as all of our companies
rely on it.

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===

All of the core developers have experience with open source
development. Chris is a member of the Apache Samza PMC and a
contributor to various Apache projects, including Apache Kafka and
Apache YARN. Bolke is contributor on multiple open source projects and
a few Apache projects as well, including Apache Hive, Apache Hadoop,
and Apache Ranger.

=== Homogeneous Developers ===

The current core developers are all from different companies. Our
community of 100 contributors hail from over 30 different companies
from across the world.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===

Currently, the only developer paid to work on this project is Maxime.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

Airflow is deeply integrated with Apache products. It currently
provides hooks and operators to enable workflows to leverage Apache
Pig, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Apache Sqoop, Apache Hadoop, etc… We
plan to add support for other Apache projects in the future.

=== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

While we respect the reputation of the Apache brand and have no doubts
that it will attract contributors and users, our interest is primarily
to give Airflow a solid home as an open source project following an
established development model. We have also given reasons in the
Rationale and Alignment sections.

== Documentation ==

== Initial Source ==

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==

As soon as Airflow is approved to join Apache Incubator, Airbnb will
execute a Software Grant Agreement and the source code will be
transitioned onto ASF infrastructure. The code is already licensed
under the Apache Software License, version 2.0. We know of no legal
encumberments that would inhibit the transfer of source code to the

== External Dependencies ==

The dependencies all have Apache compatible licenses.

 * [[|alembic
 * [[|boto (MIT)]]
 * [[|celery (BSD)]]
 * [[|chartkick (MIT)]]
 * [[|cryptography
(Apache 2.0/BSD)]]
 * [[|coverage
(Apache 2.0)]]
 * [[|coveralls
 * [[|croniter (MIT)]]
 * [[|dill (BSD)]]
 * [[|docker-py
(Apache 2.0)]]
 * [[|filechunkio
 * [[|flake8
 * [[|flask (BSD)]]
 * [[|flask-admin
 * [[|flask-cache
 * [[|flask-login
 * [[|flower (BSD)]]
 * [[|future
 * [[|gunicorn (MIT)]]
 * [[|hive-thrift-py
(Apache 2.0)]]
 * [[|ipython (BSD)]]
 * [[|jinja2 (BSD)]]
 * [[|markdown
 * [[|pandas (BSD)]]
 * [[|pygments (BSD)]]
 * pyhive
 * pydruid
 * PyOpenSSL
 * PySmbClient
 * python-dateutil
 * redis
 * requests
 * setproctitle
 * statsd
 * sphinx
 * sphinx-argparse
 * sphinx_rtd_theme
 * Sphinx-PyPI-upload
 * sqlalchemy (MIT)
 * thrift
 * jaydebeapi
 * mysqlclient
 * unicodecsv
 * slackclient
 * ldap3
 * Flask-WTF
 * lxml
 * [[|pykerberos
(Apache 2.0)]]
 * [[|bcrypt (Apache 2.0)]]
 * [[|flask-bcrypt
 * [[|mock (BSD)]]
 * [[|hdfs (MIT)]]

== Cryptography ==


== Required Resources ==

=== Mailing Lists ===

 * (moderated)

=== Subversion Directory ===

Git is the preferred source control system: git://

=== Issue Tracking ===

JIRA Airflow (Airflow)

=== Other Resources ===

The existing code already has unit tests, so we would like a Travis
instance to run them whenever a new patch is submitted. This can be
added after project creation.

== Initial Committers ==

 * Maxime Beauchemin
 * Siddharth Anand
 * Chris Riccomini
 * Bolke de Bruin
 * Arthur Wiedmer
 * Dan Davydov
 * Jeremiah Lowin
 * Patrick Leo Tardif

== Affiliations ==

 * Maxime Beauchemin (Airbnb)
 * Siddharth Anand (Agari)
 * Chris Riccomini (WePay)
 * Bolke de Bruin (ING)
 * Arthur Wiedmer (Airbnb)
 * Dan Davydov (Airbnb)
 * Jeremiah Lowin (Kokino)
 * Patrick Leo Tardif (Airbnb)

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===

Chris Riccomini (WePay, Apache Samza PMC)

=== Nominated Mentors ===

 * Chris Nauroth (HortonWorks, Apache Hadoop Committer/PMC Member,
Apache ZooKeeper Committer, Apache Software Foundation Member)
 * Hitesh Shah (HortonWorks, Apache Hadoop Committer/PMC Member,
Apache Ambari Committer/PMC Member, Apache Tez Committer/PMC Member,
Apache Software Foundation Member)
 * Jakob Homan (OfferUp, Apache Hadoop Committer/PMC Member, Apache
Kafka Committer/PMC Member, Apache Samza Committer/PMC Member, Apache
Giraph Committer/PMC Member,  Apache Software Foundation Member)

=== Sponsoring Entity ===

We are requesting the Incubator to sponsor this project.

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