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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] MADlib v1.9alpha-rc1
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 03:08:31 GMT

> I don't think I can agree agree. While you're correct in principle,
> in practice we're talking about extra 3 lines in the NOTICE file

Clearly not a major issue - just pointing it out.

> That's on purpose. Those files are BSD licensed regardless of whether
> they have the BSD header.

A condition of the BSD license is to include the full text of the licences including the copyright
owner. Usually that’s done in the header but can be elsewhere. See 1. of the 3 Clause BSD
license [1]

That may be the case but it ’s not clear looking at each file what it is licensed under
or who the copyright owner is. In later releases extra files could easily slip in. If the
original files have no headers how did you know that each was BSD licensed? Even if the package
a whole was BSD licensed that may not mean that each file is BSD licensed.

For instance that that clause mean the is BSD licensed because it doesn’t have
an Apache header? Or what about recent files added with no headers? [3]  Or the changes to
this file? [4]

> I don't think we can add the licensing BSD headers post factum (like I said Pivotal isn't
a sole copyright owner).

If you are not the sole owner are all copyright owners listed? I would see no harm in adding
a BSD header to a file that was licensed that way. How could someone object to make license
and copyright ownership clearer? Removing it however would require permission.

>> - BSD licensed [4]
> Ditto.
>> - BSD licensed [5]
> Ditto.

But have different copyright owners so again that probably still needs to go into LICENSE
for clarity.

The requirement is just that the full text and copyright owner be included so if it in the
header there’s legally no need to add it to LICENSE but that current policy / advice. [2]

I’m probably said enough and will let other IPMC state their views, but currently I think
I’m still a -1 on this release.



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