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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Confusion over NOTICE vs LICENSE files
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 07:46:42 GMT

> 1) In the case that we've borrowed code from another Apache 2.0 licensed
> project, the licensing howto[1] says that there is no need to modify
> LICENSE unless it transitively has dependencies with such a requirement.

That is the current policy yes so there is no need to list them.

> Is this true even if the original dependency carries a copyright?

Yes. The copyright should be in a NOTICE file and if that exists need it needs be be added
to your NOTICE file. [1]

BTW bootstrap in now MIT not Apache so you may want to double check the version/license you
are using.

> For example, we bundle Twitter's Bootstrap library and currently have attribution in
> LICENSE file[2] indicating the copyright (even though it's also at the top
> of the relevant files). Not necessary?

It’s not required under current policy, but there’s no harm in adding it.

> 2) In other cases we've bundled MIT or BSD-licensed source. The license
> says that redistributions must retain the text of the license. Is it
> sufficient that that text be only in the source code, or should we also
> duplicate it into LICENSE.txt as we've done for code derived from
> AsyncHBase? [3]

You should add the full text or better still a pointer to it. [2]

> 3) We have many thirdparty dependencies which are not "bundled" in the
> source release. Instead, our build process has a script which downloads
> them from the internet, unpacks, and compiles them. So, despite not being
> part of the artifact itself, they are required components for the build
> (and in most cases become static-linked into the binary). We currently list
> all of these dependencies and their licenses in LICENSE.txt. Is this
> necessary, or should we move these into a separate file?

Only items bundled should be mentioned in LICENSE/NOTICE. [3]



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