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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: Shepherd Shortage for December Report
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 22:53:49 GMT
On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 2:24 PM, P. Taylor Goetz <> wrote:
> It looks like there’s a pretty big shortage of shepherds for this month’s report.
Is that a concern?

It's not a concern -- it's a blessing. The shepherd institution needs to die.

There's been a shepherd shortage for years. What happened this month
is that I took a bunch of people who were effectively inactive out of
the shepherd rolls, so their absence is more obvious at the top of the

The expectation that it is shepherds who review and comment on podling
reports, rather than Mentors, is harmful.

Furthermore, shepherds do not fulfill their original purpose of
preventing problem podings from falling through the cracks.  That
problem is more effectively addressed by having the Report Manager
flag podlings who have failed to turn in a signed-off report for 2
months running.

For those who value cross-podling feedback, the best opportunity for
that is to comment on the DRAFT report, spawning rich conversations on
general@incubator.  I'll be sending out that DRAFT next Monday.

Marvin Humphrey

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