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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: Draft Report October 2015 - please review
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2015 02:21:57 GMT
> * Did not report, expected next month
>   - BatchEE
>   - Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer (2 months late)
>   - Cotton (2 months late)
>   - DataFu
>   - HORN
>   - ODF Toolkit
>   - Ripple (4 months late)

A disappointingly large number of podlings did not report this month.  It is
probably worth looking into what is up with CMDA, Cotton and Ripple.

> --------------------
> Myriad

>   1. Determine the best way to take github pull requests or ReviewBoard patch
>      (chains) and apply/commit them to the Myriad git repo. We're looking at
>      Mesos' script, but I wonder if there's something else
>      out there we should be considering. Is there a way to make github
>      'Merge' integration just work, even through the mirror?

I suggest that Myriad developers ask on infrastructure-dev@apache about this.

>   3. Prepare our first release under Apache. We'll update the code's
>      copyright/namespace and packaging, but we still need to learn the other
>      elements of the Apache release process. Is this "DRAFT" still the best
>      resource?

The releasemanagement.html page is bloated and outdated, but there is no
central resource which has supplanted it.

Efforts are underway to address the state of Apache's policy documentation.

> Signed-off-by:
>   [ ](myriad) Benjamin Hindman
>   [ ](myriad) Danese Cooper
>   [ ](myriad) Ted Dunning
>   [ ](myriad) Luciano Resende

Can we get please get sign-off for Myriad?  They turned in a very thorough
report this month.

> Signed-off-by:
>   [ ](openaz) Emmanuel Lecharny
>   [ ](openaz) Colm O Heigeartaigh
>   [ ](openaz) Hadrian Zbarcea
> Shepherd/Mentor notes:
>   P. Taylor Goetz (ptgoetz):
>     The OpenAz report is pretty sparse and has not been signed off
>     by any of the podling's mentors. dev@ mailing list activity is
>     extremely low (15 messages in the past 3 months). I would recommend
>     the top priority be for the project to expand the community.

The deadline for Mentor sign-off is Tuesday end of day.  If a report has no
sign-off it will be removed from the report.

I really hope that we can get OpenAZ and Myriad signed off.

Marvin Humphrey

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