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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: Not just yet
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 15:27:11 GMT
Hi John,

I was a reply to your message, but it was not pointed at you. Seriously. 
Maybe the "curious" part a bit, because you asked. We know however from 
experience that there are many other people who are curious what happens 
when unusual events like this take place and even a few, as I called 
them "conspiracy theorists".

Normally I wouldn't write such a reply, but I wanted to take the 
opportunity to also point the positive (because the negatives are so 
often debated at length), which is the fact that board actually was 
accommodating and offered the opportunity for correction. Just to paint 
a clearer picture of the *people* behind board@.

So concerns like the ones you raised are, from my point of view, very 
welcome. Especially as they come in the right tone. They create 
opportunities for learning for lurkers.


On 10/22/2015 11:13 AM, John D. Ament wrote:
> On Oct 22, 2015 8:05 AM, "Hadrian Zbarcea" <> wrote:
>> For the curious and conspiracy theorists :) let me complete the picture.
>> I did actually attend the board meeting as I usually do and the board was
> gracious enough to give me a couple of minutes to correct the resolution.
> Unfortunately, whimsy wouldn't save the corrected resolution, for a reason
> I don't yet understand. I went a second round with svn, but ran out of time.
>> Looks like I got the graduation gods really angry. This is not what a
> podling should expect from an ASF member.
> I'll assume that this was pointed to me.  If your email was clearer I
> wouldn't have been confused about scope.  I apologize for any concerns this
> raised.
> Note that I never said you needed a revote.  It wasn't clear that this came
> out of the board, in the past when we had failed graduations it never made
> it back to the incubator.
>> Hadrian
>> On 10/22/2015 07:03 AM, John D. Ament wrote:
>>> Ah ha.  It wasn't clear from the original email this happened during the
>>> board meeting.  Now I get it.
>>> On Oct 21, 2015 23:09, "Marvin Humphrey" <> wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 7:58 PM, John D. Ament <>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> I think that's my point.  Those two weeks should be used to get
> incubator
>>>>> approval.  If you wait 4 weeks you don't graduate until December.
>>>> The Incubator isn't going to vote again.  The text of the graduation
>>>> resolution from an Incubator recommendation is advisory and the Board
>>>> often modifies it. (The Incubator gets the text wrong embarrassingly
>>>> often.)  The Board passing a resolution to establish a TLP is the
>>>> crucial step from the standpoint of the Foundation as a corporate
>>>> entity.
>>>> It's regrettable that the glitch was not caught until there was little
>>>> time left during today's meeting, but resolutions are powerful tools
>>>> and it's important to get the language right. The Foundation's bylaws
>>>> constrain the Board's ability to act -- it's not supposed to be easy.
>>>> Marvin Humphrey
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