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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Ripple Release 0.9.32
Date Sun, 23 Aug 2015 16:29:26 GMT
I am unsure whether this is a request for IPMC votes, or just a notice
that a vote is coming. The subject does not match the first line of text :)

In any case, I checked the RC, verified the archive ( ) with a few 3rdparty and
CSS files excluded in the scan (as you can see on that page), and it
passed. The build works, I'm not interested in the test framework.

Consider this a (latent) +1.

With regards,

On 08/22/2015 11:43 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> A vote is underway on the Ripple Dev list for release 0.9.32.
> The Ripple dev thread can be found at
> The text of the initial vote email is copied below for your convenience.
> At this point we have 2 IPMC votes and 3 PPMC votes, I request IPMC members to look over
the VOTE for us:
> --- pasted initial VOTE text from
> ---
> [Since 0.9.31 was a bust because of a regression, here is another release that includes
a fix
> for that regression (and a couple of other minor fixes)]
> Please review and vote on the release of Ripple 0.9.32.
> The package you are voting on is available for review at
> The SHA-1 hash for the package is:
> 63a997594e4f08df8d48a644962b47bee4efd91e
> It was published from its corresponding git tag:
>     incubator-ripple: 0.9.32 (f8c6a0bc99)
> While we need three +1 *binding* votes (which for an Apache Incubator project like Ripple
> means Apache IPMC members), active Ripple contributors and committers/PPMC members are
> encouraged to review the release and vote. Before voting +1, please refer to and verify
> with the checklist at
> (however, we only need to consider changes since the previous release).
> If you do vote +1, please include the steps you took in order to be confident the release
> meets requirements.
> Upon a successful vote, I will upload the archive to dist/release/incubator/ripple and
> it to NPM.
> I vote +1:
> * Verified license headers with Apache RAT (using 'jake rat').
> * Manually verified there were no new source files that need license headers, nor new
> party dependencies that needed to have license information included in the LICENSE file.
> * Verified the build works and all tests pass.
> * Manually tested all changes that have been made since the last release.
> Thanks!
> Tim

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