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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Whimsy PMC
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:53:59 GMT
On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 3:25 PM, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
> On 04/23/2015 02:46 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> Initial sketch placed on the wiki:
>> Anyone who is so inclined is welcome to edit the proposal directly.
>> No urgency or timeframe in mind (other than preferably starting sometime
>> in 2015ish).  My current thinking is to follow in Steve's footprints and
>> go directly to TLP, but I'm starting a discussion here (in Incubator) to
>> see if there are any other thoughts on the matter.
> I have a philosophical question, to add to David's rather more practical
> one.
> Our mission is "software for the public good". Whimsy is software for the
> ASF's good. How does the public benefit from Whimsy? I can't imagine a
> development path that would result in a release of Whimsy that anyone
> outside of the ASF could derive any benefit from.

Two distinct answers.

Answer 1: so... kinda like Gump[1]?

Answer 2: it would surprise me if nobody else in the world had a need
for meetings where minutes are taken or received documents that needed
to be processed or needed an online form or like to explore STV vote
results... oh, wait, the last one already is a part of an ASF project.

A while back, Ross asked me if the board agenda tool could be adapted
to support the incubator team.  I sketched out a few idea, but both of
us being busy people, the idea didn't go any further.

There is a popular web framework called Ruby on Rails.  It was
extracted[2] from a successful project called Basecamp.  I see that as
the model I'd like Whimsy to follow.

As a thought experiment, how many of the following brainstorming ideas
are truly ASF specific:

> --
> Rich Bowen - - @rbowen
> - @apachecon

- Sam Ruby


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