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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: ICLA/CCLA/SGA guidelines for GitHub or multi-entity projects was: [Groovy] Next steps...
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2015 23:00:59 GMT
Podling commons-rdf fits that description. It started at GitHub in the 
knowledge that ASF was a possible route; ALv2 from the start.  (We 
started at GH because there are people who would join discussions more 
freely on GH.)

It so happens, the contributors are all ASF committers.  With advice 
from our champion, we settled on one SG, naming the contributors and 
signed by the original creator of the project (Sergio, who created the 
project) on behalf of the "Commons RDF Community".

We've just done that and ingested the code (today!) - if there is a 
better way, now is the time to say so because we can adjust easily.


(The SG leaves open things like an updated AL, not that is likely.)

On 26/03/15 16:42, P. Taylor Goetz wrote:
> This seems like an appropriate thread to raise a question that’s been
> in the back of my head for a while…
> If a new project is created on github (or elsewhere — i.e. outside of
> the ASF), but with the intention that it would be contributed to an
> existing ASF project (ALv2 license from day 1), would a Software
> Grant and/or IP clearance be required?
> Put another way, what are the best practices to follow when creating
> a new project, outside the ASF, with the goal of eventually
> contributing that work to an existing ASF project?
> The documentation for the IP clearance template [1] states:
> "Any code that was developed outside of the ASF SVN repository must
> be processed like this, even if the external developer is an ASF
> committer.”
> To me that sounds like any new module, or even a sufficiently large
> pull request, requires IP clearance. If that’s the case, I would
> expect the clearance document list [2] to be much longer than it is,
> and have more ASF projects represented there, especially some of the
> faster growing ones.
> -Taylor
> [1]
> [2]

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